Nong Nooch Garden by Mr.Kampon Tansacha established Cambodia-Thai Friendship Park at the heart of Phnom Penh

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Mr.Kampon Tansacha said Nong Nooch Garden was fortunately to obtain opportunity for designing landscape in Phnomphen at the heart of Cambodia. This occasion occurred from the Representative of Prime Minister Hun Sen visited General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand. He asked Nong Nooch Garden to design and make garden with all cost will be provided. However, Nong Nooch is doing CSR projects with neighboring countries. Therefore, Nong Nooch will proceed all operations free of charge during 23rd – 27th August 2017 over 9,000 sq.m area to establish the beautiful and elegant tourist place which surrounded by the important government offices of Cambodia. This is a great opportunity of Nong Nooch Pattaya Thailand to be granted opportunity to truly make garden and design landscape for Cambodians. In additional, Nong Nooch is also allowed to make garden for Thailand Embassy of Cambodia. Cambodia Government was pleased to name this garden as “Cambodia-Thai Friendship Park”.