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Nongnooch Arena is located in Nongnooch Tradition Center, and it consists of two parts as the following detail:


The First part calls “Lan Arena 1”. It is a cement circle with the total area of 6,183. The stage is closed to the lake as well as rocky valleys. This area has a lot of facilities, such as LED screen, sound and light techniques. Most importantly, it has a VIP lounge, dressing room for actors and artists, and modern control room for light and sound. In fact, it is suitable for

hosting various types of parties, such as the company’s new year party, factories, organizing sports day activities, running events, weddings, and music events, etc.


The second part calls “Lan Arena 2”. It is an asphalt terrace with the total area of 33,470. It is also able to host a large party of over 10,000 people. The area is also surrounded by rocky hills. In this case, the customers will feel more comfortable because it looks private. Most importantly, it is suitable for holding various festivals, markets, and parties. The customers may also arrange a concept as well as decorate the area according to their needs. Moreover, this part can also be a parking lot during a seminar meeting or during a special event.