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Scrub body/ body massage by using aroma oil: the herb is used to scrub the skin. It is natural medicine for nourishment of skin to look bright and clean for the skin, for soft skin and to eradicate darkness of skin. Scrubbing skin by sing herb can help remove the dead outer skin and to recover new skin cell that look bright and without blemish.

Aroma massage: Aromatherapy or aroma massage is the treatment method that is efficient in treating mood and feeling and help rejuvenate the energy to all parts of the body. After massage, the tight muscle would relax and can continue work without interruption. Your body would be really relaxed while the blood circulation system would stimulate the flow and lead to the freshness to all parts of the body.

Thai massage for treatment: It is the massage for solving problem of specific spot, with Thai massage and aroma massage with special properties for treating and relaxing muscle directly and with herb use to help deal with the inflammation of muscle, focusing on the back part and shoulder part. It is appropriate for the customer who has neck ache from the use of the neck repeatedly at the shoulder muscle such as sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time.

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